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Sarah Greene
Founder & CEO

Startup Package FAQs

Common Questions Answered About Our Business

What makes your digital product exclusive for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses?

Our digital product is designed to provide the unique needs and challenges of budding entrepreneurs and small businesses. With the web start package, they can quickly have a website that can clearly articulate their value proposition to their site visitors and start building your database.

Could you please let me know what kind of resources and tools are included in your digital product?

Besides a 5-page website, you will get to build a database of prospects for your business. You will also get a 100-word introductory video. You will get access to the website and email backend to administer the application yourself. We will provide resources to help you to do it. 

We'll also assist you in setting up email authentication for proper email authentication with major mail service providers such as Google and Microsoft.

How can I access and download the digital product after purchase?

After buying our web starter package, we will understand your requirements to start building your website. After completing that, we will establish authentication and teach you how to manage the backend of the website and the email marketing engine. 

Is there any ongoing cost to your package?

Yes, you just pay hosting charges of USD9/mth to continue using the website and email marketing features. If you require a pop-up feature on your website, you will pay USD18/mth. Note annual pre-payment is required to enjoy the above prices.