We welcome all opportunities to collaborate and grow our Xtrepreneurs.

Do write to us

For the budding entrepreneur


We know your challenges and needs as we were once like you too.

We know your need to build awareness around your brand and offering. We know too your need to network to know more people. And last but not least to have a sale to sustain and grow your business.

We welcome you to join us in our events and activities. If you like to do any presentations at our event, you can drop us a line.

Unless otherwise stated, all activities are free to attend.

For the successful entrepreneur


Foremost congratulations for achieving your goals. It must be a wonderful feeling after the long arduous journey from obscurity to a known force in your domain.

If you would like to help those still on the journey or simply support our mission, do drop us a line. We would like to hear about your inspirational success.

For the brands


If you are a brand and like what we are doing or feel we can add value to your brand.  we welcome you to write to us on your thoughts on how we can mutually support each other.

For content contributors

To aspiring writers who is looking for a platform to expose your excellent writing skills. or if you are simply keen to contribute content to our community.

We welcome you.

We will attribute content to yourself if it is published on our site.

Drop us a note today.

For solution providers


Hi fellow solution providers, if you have sound solutions that can aid our fellow Xtrepreneurs in their entrepreneur journey, we definitely would like to hear from you too. Do feel free to drop us a note.

For speakers and trainers


Innovative ideas and ways of thinking of doing things are constantly being developed.

If you are a speaker or trainer that can help our Xtreprenuers to bridge that knowledge gap, we would most definitely welcome you to write to us about your topic and how it can add value to our fellow Xtrepreneurs.

For volunteers


All things have humble beginnings.

We are not a big setup and we are definitely at the humble beginning stage.

If you like what we are doing and would like to part of it, we most definitely welcome you to write to us as we always in need for a few good men and women.

What we offer is an experience for you to grow, be recognized, and be part of something larger.


Last but not least, we welcome anyone with a partnership or collaborative idea.

Do write to us


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