Your first wealth

For most of us who are in good health, we already have the first wealth bestow upon us.

And that first wealth is actually our health.

Without this first wealth, many things in life would be harder to achieve.

Daily activities we take for granted would no longer be simple to do.

For example, a simple thing like attending a meeting would become a chore or even impossible to execute if our health is not good.

As entrepreneurs, while we pursue financial wealth, we mustn’t forget to take care of our first wealth – our health.

Every downtime or sub-optimal performance due to poor health, will delay our progress and cost us in one way or another.

So it is paramount that we take care of our first wealth, least whatever we have will also be taken away.

Below are some ways we can take care of our first wealth.


5 ways to take care of your first wealth

Eat right – you are what you eat.

If we eat without understanding what we put into our mouths, we will have to pay for it later down the road.

For example, fatty or deep fried food or food with excessive sugar will result in us having high cholesterol and/or diabetes. This illness will not only inhibit us but require us to be on medication to control them. This could debilitate us and also impact us financially.

Drink right – water constitutes 70% of our being.

Like eating, we need to drink properly. We should minimise alcoholic drinking or sugary drinks whenever possible.

As entrepreneurs, we need to stay in sharp and be at our optimal whenever possible. It’s ok to indulge once in a while, however, we shouldn’t make it a habit.

Sleep – sleep is our body’s way to do some recovery work.

By not giving our body the rest it needs, sleep deprivation will impair our performance and cause us problems later down the road.

So respect your body and yourself by having adequate sleep every day.

Exercise – there are various types of exercises.

Whatever form they may be, the key thing is to get going and sweat it out.

Exercise brings with it a long list of benefits. It keeps weight under control, it makes you look more youthful, it releases endorphins to make you feel better etc.. So make exercise part of your lifestyle.

Mental health –  mental health is key.

One of the oft-neglected aspect of good health is mental health.

It is important to keep this in the radar and part of your health to do list.

It is important to remain positive and be able to manage stress even in the darkest hour.

From time to time, as an entrepreneur things will not go the way you want and you will experience setbacks and stress.

Being able to manage stress will greatly contribute to your well being.

Stay away from stress contributors. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can be there for you is paramount.


If you can manage the above 5 aspects of good health well, I am sure you will be healthy enough to spend the wealth you accumulate.



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