3 important considerations when choosing a web hosting provider

hosting provider

If you are planning to do business today, having a website to showcase your business is a must. A website is typically hosted on a web server. For most small business starting out, for cost reasons, they would use rather the services of a web hosting provider to house their website than having a web server located … Read more3 important considerations when choosing a web hosting provider

5 reasons why you should wake up early

morning lessons

Sleep early and wake up early!  That’s what momma used to say. I never knew those words would come back to haunt me, not to scare me but to be a better entrepreneur. Early morning is the least disruptive time of the day. It is the time of the day when people are either still sleeping … Read more5 reasons why you should wake up early

Kickstart a relationship

blast off

The best way to kickstart a relationship with someone you meet for the first time is to be cordial. This is to make the encounter a pleasant one for both parties. After the pleasantries, next is to find a common ground. A common ground could be anything from being from the same neighborhood, having the same interest … Read moreKickstart a relationship

Building relationships


Building relationships are important for any entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who doesn’t know this will quickly find himself isolated with diminishing opportunities. When building relationships we must play the long game. Those who adopt an attitude of “what use is the person to me now ” will usually live to regret it down the road when … Read moreBuilding relationships

7 essentials in planning

strategic planning

Planning is an important activity for an entrepreneur. Technically nothing should be executed without proper planning. As they say, a failure to plan is a plan for failure. For an entrepreneur, a base essential plan you would need is a business plan. Thereafter every business function from marketing to post sales customer support have a plan to … Read more7 essentials in planning

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