Failures Are Lessons In Disguise

Failure quotes

Many people fear failures when they should embrace them. Failure for them is something they try very hard to avoid whenever possible. Failure is viewed as an impediment to success. This approach to failure is in part due to the education we had when we were young. We have been “trained” to view failure as … Read more

Building relationships


Building relationships are important for any entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who doesn’t know this will quickly find himself isolated with diminishing opportunities. When building relationships we must play the long game. Those who adopt an attitude of “what use is the person to me now ” will usually live to regret it down the road when … Read more

7 essentials in planning

strategic planning

Planning is an important activity for an entrepreneur. Technically, nothing should be executed without proper planning. As they say, a failure to plan is a plan for failure. For an entrepreneur, the most basic essential plan you would need is a business plan. Thereafter, every business function, from marketing to post-sales customer support, should have a plan … Read more

7 perk me up songs

perk me up

Perk me ups, we all need them from time to time! As an entrepreneur, there will be days when everything seems wrong, and you want to throw in the towel. We have all been there and know the feeling. While watching a movie, can boost our mood. However, at times, we need a perk me … Read more

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