Hope is not a strategy

In a well known Chinese idiom about hope, 守株待兔 (shou zhu tai tu) – a man watches a tree stump hoping for rabbits to bash themselves against it and fall dead.

He had earlier witness a rabbit actually doing so and was expecting others to do the same. So instead of out hunting food to bring home, he decides to wait idly for other rabbits to similarly fall dead.

The moral of the saying here is not to wait or hope idly by, but to take action.

As an entrepreneur, we need to figure things out and take action, not have a hope strategy.

If you take action, and if it works, then you are better of it.

If it doesn’t work, then you can go fix it and make it work.

However, if you don’t do anything, then there is nothing to fix. Consequently, nothing can be improved.

The lesson to take away is unless there is action, there is no opportunity for improvement.


Before taking action

While taking action is important, it can, however, go either way – for the better or for the worst.

To come up on top and prevent any deterioration of current circumstance, action should only be taken after careful planning has been done.

Planning surfaces issues and perhaps even risks.

With these insights on potential issues and risks, only then can you take action to address them and consequently minimise them.

As an entrepreneur, every risk or mistakes will be on us. It will drain precious limited resources.

The onus is on us as entrepreneurs to minimise errors and risks whenever possible.

So while action taking is important, it should only be done after careful planning has been done.



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