Goal Setting

As we approach the end of the year. It is a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished in the year and prepare for the new year.

During this period, one of the best things we, entrepreneurs can do for ourselves and our business is to take some time off to do some goal setting.

The goal setting exercise needn’t have to consume mush resources nor take a long time –  an hour or two will suffice.


The Benefits

The benefits of goal setting have far-reaching consequences.

For starters, the goal setting exercise helps us to crystalize what is important to us for our personal and business growth.

Once goals are established, it will help us to stay focus on the prize for that year.

Goal setting if properly done, will help us to understand gaps in what we are now and where we ultimately hope to be.

With these insights, we can then set off to fill those gaps, and make our goals a reality.

Once these goals are achieved, it will set us up for higher highs, instead of operating at a level as we did in the previous year.


Achieving our goals

Though the goal setting exercise may seem simple, its execution, however, is another story.

In the hustle and bustle of our busy schedule, it is easy to get caught up with things that will distract us from achieving our goals.

Hence you often hear stories of regrets of people not meeting their new year resolutions.

It is evident that achieving stated goals is not an easy task and it requires effort.

Below are some recommended steps that can help you in achieving your goals.


1) Make your goals unforgettable.

Goals keep elsewhere else other than plain sight will be easily forgotten. It needs to be flesh out and in your face.

As we are predominately visual creatures, one of the best ways to be reminded of our goals is to create some visuals of your goals and stick them up where you will be exposed to them.

Say for example your goal is to beef yourself up, one method is to stick up pics of toned up beefed up person will definitely help you stay motivated.


2) Chunksize your goals.

Rather than measuring your success based on a larger goal, split the ultimate goal up into smaller mini goals.

This will not only help you stay motivated but gives you the adrenalin rush that comes along when things get accomplished.

This will help to power you up along the way.


3) Be accountable.

We need to face the fact sometimes as individuals we are limited. Perhaps not limited in capability, but limited by time, energy and resources.

Also at times, we like to procrastinate or get distracted.

Having a helpful buddy to be accountable will be useful to keep you going. He or she will be there to prod you on to get going.


At times, if the issues are too big or you need more than just prodding, you might even need a coach or mentor to get you going.


So join us in our year end goal-setting workshops to learn more about getting you ready for the new year.


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