Get Ready

Success  =  opportunity + being ready


We believe in being ready. So should you.

Opportunities come like a shooting star – rarely and rapidly. If you are not ready, for it, it will be a mis-opportunity.

The academy focuses on 4 aspects of getting our entrepreneurs ready –

1.   The Business of Entrepreneurship – what you need to know and what lies ahead

Xtrepreneur Boot Camp

Being an entrepreneur is a massive undertaking. It is not advisable to “jump” into it unless you know what you are in for.

Being an entrepreneur is not about you alone, there are many other considerations.

Also when running a business there are many moving parts and considerations. Understanding it is crucial to your success.

Come and understand what is required of you as an entrepreneur and also understand what it would take to improve your odds of success.

The boot camp will cover branding, finance, effective business networking, effective communications amongst other topics to get you to poise for success.

Get in touch with us for any enquiry.


2.  Interpersonal Soft Skills – getting you to interact better with others

Effective Communications Workshop

In this workshop, we cover the various aspects of communications. From having the right mindset to having an approach to be effective communicators.

Without the proper mindset, we will be saying things that will get us into trouble. In most cases, words when uttered,  have no recourse of taking it back, resulting in sour or broken relationships.

So isn’t it better to be more prepared?

In business communication, it also sets the stage for further business interactions.

Business Networking Workshop

Business networking is an integral part of being an entrepreneur.

Properly executed, it sets the stage for further business interactions.

Come to learn how the principles of product marketing couple with interacting insights can improve your chance for better business interactions.

Sales Workshop

However much you do in your business, if there are no sales, the business will eventually die off. Hence understanding the sales cycle at the strategic level and closing it out on the tactical level is important to an entrepreneur or salesperson when doing corporate business.

Customers are getting savvier and the competition is also not letting their guard down.

As in any sporting tournament, the best trained and motivated team will win the day. So it is best with your sales team.

However, unlike a sporting tournament, in business, there is no prize for those who come in at second place.

So speak to us on our sales workshop.

Team Building Workshop

Rarely does a person alone runs a company. It is built with people working together for the common good. When people come together, they need to be able to work well with one another to achieve a collective common good.

The winning team is always the team that can set aside egos and personal agendas for the collective good. This is no longer a myth but a hard fact as we can evidently see in team sports. It is no different in the corporate world.

If you need help in that regard, contact us and we will work with you to foster a team that can work tighter together.


3.  Digital Skills – getting you skilled up for seizing the opportunity

WordPress Workshop

Setting up a website to showcase your business and your product and services is a basic requirement.

However, the content therein is not going to be static. It will change and evolve.

Having the skills of creating a website will be a most useful one. Moreover, it will help to reduce cost and allow you to adapt your web presence to your business quickly.

Isn’t it time for you to get this super money saving skill?


Website Security Workshop

Your website while it announces your presence to the world. It also announces your presence to the malicious web bots trolling the world wide web.

These web bots primary purpose is to seek our website vulnerabilities and exploit them.

If your website is not properly secured, it would be an open and easy target for hackers to cause some damage to your business and reputation.

Understanding how to minimize these threats is important to ensure you will not be its next victim.


4.  Operational Know How- protecting your business

Basic cybersecurity a SME should adopt

As long you have a web presence or access the Internet you are susceptible to a web attack.

With many new methods being developed by hackers to hack and exploit your system, it is no longer a case of whether it will happen but when it will happen.

Understanding and implementing basic cybersecurity measures could save you tons of grief and money down the road.

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