6 things I learn about Money


Money is REALLY important to an entrepreneur, especially more so when you are on your own (i.e not living under your parent’s room). We are not talking about major fund injections into your business, but simple daily operating expenses such, expenses to travel and meet with clients or simply buying coffee for your clients. Though … Read more

7 qualities of a sound business partnership


If you have partners in a business, having a sound partnership is vital. As the African saying goes, “if you want to go further, go together.”. A partnership allows you to synergize on each other’s strengths, pull together resources, and back each other up, like in the cops in the movies. These days, in the … Read more

Headlines – read all about it


In the past when there were newspaper boys roaming the corner of the streets shouting “extra! extra! read all about it” bypassers couldn’t help but take note of the headlines of the day. Unfortunately, those days are gone. In place what we get these days are headline prompts via email or other messaging applications. The … Read more

Your first wealth


For most of us who are in good health, we already have the first wealth bestow upon us. And that first wealth is actually our health. Without this first wealth, many things in life would be harder to achieve. Daily activities we take for granted would no longer be simple to do. For example, a … Read more

Failures Are Lessons In Disguise

Failure quotes

Many people fear failures when they should embrace them. Failure for them is something they try very hard to avoid whenever possible. Failure is viewed as an impediment to success. This approach to failure is in part due to the education we had when we were young. We have been “trained” to view failure as … Read more

Passion alone is not enough


Follow your passion – a phrase we keep hearing in these days of entrepreneurial fervor. We stand by the quote too, as we ourselves are following our passion. However, there are caveats to it. And have you ever heard of “passion conquers all”. Obviously not and with good reasons. If you are thinking of devoting 100% … Read more

5 inspirational movie speeches to get you wised up

opening night

Once in a while in the movies come speeches worth taking note of. They make you sit up, “see the light” and inspire us to be better than our current selves. Below are some such noteworthy speeches. #1 The Pursuit of Happyiness (2007) In this true-life movie,  Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a salesman who was totally … Read more

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