Brand Guidelines brings people together to network and expose their business for collaboration. Member participation is essential to help us fulfill our mission. As part of that, it’s important for members and others to be able to identify services without being confused about our association with other companies or websites.

The brand should only be used as discussed in these guidelines. Hopefully, these guidelines give you a clear idea of how our brand may be used, but if you still have questions or you would like to use our trademarks in a way that is not addressed, you can email us at or contact us at the link below.

A brand is a word or symbol that identifies the products or services of a company and distinguishes them from the products and services of others.

Our brand includes the following designs :



General Guidelines

– DO NOT use a Logo in a way that may falsely imply a relationship with, or endorsement by, or its employees.

– DO NOT use any trademarks, service marks, designs or logos, including domain names or social media handles, that are confusingly similar to the brand.

– DO NOT use a logo that could be confused with a Logo. Some considerations that could make your logo confusingly similar to a logo are:

– If it includes a design element that is the same color as a Logo.
– If it includes the wordmark ‘’ or  ‘Xtrepreneurs’.
– If it includes a ‘handwritten’ font style identical or confusingly similar to the Logo.

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