7 key considerations when selecting an email marketing tool

email marketing

Email marketing is an essential channel in any marketer’s outreach options. Marketing experts have also come out declaring that it is the singular most important channel in marketing today. In short, email marketing is not going the way of the dinosaurs anytime soon. In fact, with current privacy laws, marketers need to seriously think about … Read more

6 things I learn about Money


Money is REALLY important to an entrepreneur, especially more so when you are on your own (i.e not living under your parent’s room). We are not talking about major fund injections into your business, but simple daily operating expenses such, expenses to travel and meet with clients or simply buying coffee for your clients. Though … Read more

7 qualities of a sound business partnership


If you have partners in a business, having a sound partnership is vital. As the African saying goes, “if you want to go further, go together.”. A partnership allows you to synergize on each other’s strengths, pull together resources, and back each other up, like in the cops in the movies. These days, in the … Read more

A Message of Strength and Hope


We would like to start the year, with a message of strength and hope. There are days on your entrepreneur journey, where things don’t go your way and everything and everyone seems to be against you. Guess what you are not alone. There are many who have been beaten up emotionally, financially and perhaps even … Read more

Goal Setting

goal setting

As we approach the end of the year. It is a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished in the year and prepare for the new year. During this period, one of the best things we, entrepreneurs can do for ourselves and our business is to take some time off to do some … Read more

11 things a new website owner must be aware of


For all entrepreneurs, one of the first order of business when setting up a new business or brand is the setup of a new website. For many first-time entrepreneurs who outsource their web development, the work to establish their online presences seems done when they received their brand new website. Many rely on aesthetic to … Read more

Headlines – read all about it


In the past when there were newspaper boys roaming the corner of the streets shouting “extra! extra! read all about it” bypassers couldn’t help but take note of the headlines of the day. Unfortunately, those days are gone. In place what we get these days are headline prompts via email or other messaging applications. The … Read more

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