About Xtrepreneurs

Xtrepreneurs (by our definition) are not entrepreneurs by choice but by necessity.

They are accidental entrepreneurs driven by circumstances to become entrepreneurs. They were rejected by the establishment of their time and had to fend for themselves to make a living.

Despite unfavorable beginnings, they have gone on to be amazing achievers. Hence that motivated us in replacing the “en” in entrepreneurs with a “X” to form “Xtrepreneurs” to celebrate these inspirational individuals.

A great example is Mr Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba. He was rejected by many establishments and organizations before embarking his amazing entrepreneurial journey to create the largest eCommerce company in China.

Another great example is JK Rowling who was struggling on benefits with a dependent. A position no mother would like to be. She was rejected by twelve publishers before a publisher decided to give her fictional character, Harry Potter, a chance to be known by many.

We celebrate these amazing people born out of adversity who have achieved these unbelievable results. They have not only improved our lives and brought wonders to it too. They have also demonstrated the power of overcoming great odds and the human spirit to achieve great outcomes.

We are sure there are many more such xtrepreneurs out there and we like to celebrate them in these pages.

Drop us a note if you know of anyone who has overcome great personal adversity to rise above and be an inspiration to all.

In the meantime, for those who are still finding their way, like us accidental entrepreneurs , we offer training to support your entrepreneurial journey to keep heads above water. and hopefully, be shining inspirations for others to find hope.


Our Vision

We envision a time where our Xtrepreneur platform will be the platform of choice for supporting struggling entrepreneurs.

In time, we hope to establish an eco-system where entrepreneurs can come together, exchange ideas, and mutually help each other to grow.

Our Mission

To provide entrepreneurs with a good baseline startup education to empower them and give them a leg up on making better decisions.

Our Values

We value collaboration and growth opportunities whenever possible.

We also believe and seek our win-win opportunities too.

Last but not least we seek to uplift lives whenever possible.






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