7 reasons why you should create a blog

As a newbie entrepreneur without an established brand name to fall back on, one of the best ways to establish credibility is to create a blog.


#1 Demonstrate your level of expertise

A blog through its posts allows you to demonstrate your level of knowledge on the niche you are in.

Your prospect usually wouldn’t know how good you are until you provide some valuable insights they didn’t know about.

In this way, trust is slowly formed as your prospects now know they are dealing with someone whom they are more certain knows what he/she is talking about.

Say you are providing services to pet dogs.

Writing some insightful articles on pet dogs would help to establish you somewhat of an expert on the subject.

This will help them to think of you if they ever need any services for their dog.


Besides establishing credibility, a blog also has many other spinoff benefits.


#2 Create a following

If a visitor or reader finds the content on your blog relevant and useful, they might be a subscriber to your blogs, as would a follower of any interesting TV series or channel.

These help to build a following and perhaps even a community where you can branch out to other things.

Further to the pet dog example, if you through your pet dog community, come to know pet dog owners besides grooming needs for their dogs, would need someone to take care of their dogs while they are away

If it makes business sense, you might want to branch out into the dog accommodation business for dogs when their owners are away from home.


#3 Organic growth

In a digital marketer’s arsenal of marketing tools, a blog can also help in the organic growth of leads.

These would be another source of leads, rather than solely rely on ad spent to drive more leads to the business.

Moreover, a blog post is likely to remain longer on the web so the leads will not be a one-off outcome like in an advert.

A lead could appear today when the post is published or perhaps even several weeks or months down the road.


#4 Multiple entry points

A blog post also serves as an entry point to your webpage or blog.

An article of interest you have written could attract someone to click on it and link them back to your website.

For a particular topic, there are many approaches one can take.

By blogging on them, you can create multiple entry points and subsequently increase the number of leads to your blog

So the more posts you have on your blog, the higher will be the number of leads you will eventually receive.


#5 Qualified leads

A blog could also be part of a sales funnel to drive sales.

When someone clicks onto your website, it shows some level of interest or what marketers termed as “qualified leads”.

You can then further progress these leads through the sales process and convert them by way of a webinar session or by providing them with an offer.


#6 Good for SEO

A blog if well written would have its share of readers. If the volume of visitors grow large enough, it sends a signal to search engines that this site is worth taking note of.

If the visitors spent a fair bit of time reading the posts on the blog and shares it out further, this will sends off additional signals to search engine that this site could be an authoritative site for that particular niche.

This could translate to a better SEO ranking.

Search engines are always on the lookout for such sites.

Why you may ask?

This is because providing good relevant content in a search query results in a satisfied search engine user.

This is the goal of all search engines.



#7 Reduced advertising spent

Last but not least a good blog, in the long run, will result in an overall lesser ad spent as it rises to an authority status.

As the blog grows, so will be the number of followers. This just adds on to the growing database for marketing campaigns later.

With a larger marketing database to promote to, the need for advertisement will gradually be reduced.


So start blogging today!






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