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5 reasons why you should wake up early

Sleep early and wake up early!  That’s what momma used to say.

I never knew those words would come back to haunt me, not to scare me but to be a better entrepreneur.

Early morning is the least disruptive time of the day.

It is the time of the day when people are either still sleeping or getting ready for work. This is almost as certain as death and taxes.

Me time

As such early morning is the time of the day when you most certainly can get some respite and not expect any calls especially when you are in demand.

During this time, you can get to enjoy some quiet me time.

Perhaps even do some mediation to have some inner peace and be ready for the day ahead.


More relaxed

Waking up early also allows you to be more relaxed and not having to start the morning on an adrenaline rush.

This could work against you, say in your haste you forgot something. Or in your haste, you land yourself into an accident.

We definitely don’t need these episodes to start our day.


Seizing Opportunities

Being early to rise, will allow you to catch up on the latest happenings in the papers or on the phone/tablet.

Reading and knowing the latest news allows you to seize opportunities before others catch on.

Take for example if you read that the price of oil has gone up or a major good news about a company was announced after the closing of the previous trading day, you can quickly take some action once the stock market opens.

Truly the early bird catches the worm.


Staying in good health

In Chinese traditional medicine, it is believed that a good night sleep allows organs within the body to repair itself.

In fact, it is believed there is a schedule for the organs in which they take turns to repair themselves. If we can respect this schedule, it will result in improved health.

For an entrepreneur, you want to be in good health as much as you can.

Unlike when working for someone, any illness you have you can just take medical leave and rest at home, while still getting paid.

For a budding entrepreneur, any downtime will not only stall your effort but also sets you back financially.


Enjoy the sunrise

Lastly, if you happen to be facing the east, you can enjoy the sight of dawn breaking and the beginning of a new day.

Wouldnt it be a sight to wake up to?


With this 5 benefits of waking up early, isn’t it time to cultivate this life-enhancing habit?

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