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4 reasons why rituals matter

Rituals are important in our lives.

We are not referring to those practice in a church or temple or in a traditional context like tea pouring.

What we are referring to instead are the day to day things we do each day till it becomes a ritual.

Rituals if we can adopt the right ones will make our lives smoother if not better.

Below are some benefits of having rituals in our lives.


Hassle free decision making

Once we have certain rituals in place, we don’t have to spend too much time trying to figure things out.

These rituals can save us the hassle of going through the same thought process over and over again.

Case in point would be deciding on what we wear each day.

This simple act of coordination could take a few minutes. For some even perhaps up to 20mins to finally decide on an outfit to wear.

If we could stick to a certain set of clothing to wear daily or systemise it, it could help save us precious minutes each day.

For an entrepreneur that could have an impact, after all, time is an important resource.

If you carefully observe, some entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs and even the founder of Facebook, they wear the same outfit every time he appears. Perhaps something we should emulate?

Another example is when you drive to work.

If you ritually take a particular route to work each day and one day you decide to take another completely new unfamiliar route. You would be figuring out this new. Navigating this new route will chew up precious time and cause undue stress, especially if you are rushing for time.


Rituals prevent you from missing out on important appointments.

For the churchgoers, every Sunday morning is church time. A time sacred enough not to have any other activities planned during that period.

In your life, if there is a meeting or gathering that is similarly sacred to you (i.e family time, time with business partners etc) and needs to be done on a regular basis, it is best to pin down a fix day and time each week. Change it only if all else fails and if it is absolutely necessary. Treat it as an exception, and not make it a norm.

In the hectic lives, we live today, there are many things that seek our attention.

By casting important appointments on a fixed date/time it will minimise the chance of us forgetting it.

It also helps others who are involved in the meeting to keep the meeting appt.


Catching you at the right time

Have you ever had the experience when someone tries to speak to you but it just kinda comes at a bad time?

If someone wants to speak to you on a personal or delicate matter. He or she will want to best time the conversation so they may have your undivided attention. Having a ritual could help the other party to understand when is the best time to catch you.

After all you too don’t want someone to be catching you at the wrong time either.


Surfacing Samaritans

If you have a ritual, familiar to those around you, you will see “Samaritans” appearing when you do not execute on your ritual.

For example, if you have a 90mins morning ritual to get ready each day and you have to be at work say 9 am. Each time you oversleep beyond 730am,  someone who knows of this “ritual”, will come to your aid and try to get you to wake up.

Similarly at work, by way of your ritual, if you do not appear or do what you are supposed to. People will start asking questions. If you are blessed enough, a Samaritan or two might appear to cover for you.

These people who stood up for you in your absence care for you and have your best interest at heart. You may want to treat them well.


Rituals might seem boring and perhaps even stifling. But there are benefits to it as outlined above.

Try to ritualise some of your efforts and start optimizing your time.

Who knows you might even see some Sarmatians showing up.


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